Thursday 07 May 2015


May has finally sprung and with it, we are happy to welcome the commencement of the California King Salmon season. Fishing thus far has been less than stellar up and down the coast, however the grind by a few of our local captains has kept Dockside in good supply of these amazing fish. Captain Mark on board the Bonnie Marietta along with Capt. Kennedy of the Twilight lady, Capt. Nailen of The Seeker, Capt. Losieau of the Fog Dog and a few others have labored and landed a handful of fish each day providing us with what we need here at Dockside.

The efforts of these captains has allowed us to continually offer local King Salmon in the Market for 21.95 per pound. In addition this weekend and in honor of Motherís Day, we will be offering whole King Salmon for 10.95 per pound. As always, if you purchase a whole fish we will cut it however you like for no additional charge. Because of the high yield of King Salmon, the net price per pound of fillets will be less than $16 per pound when you purchase a whole fish.

Other local fishing has been consistent keeping our case stocked and our variety looking good. Capt. Morton of the Lucy L. (grandson of good olí Travis Evans) has been consistently landing just enough California Halibut, Sand Sole, Starry Flounder and Turbot to keep himself afloat. Capt. Patchen of the Kaps has started back up fishing various rockfish and his assortment will also be available once again. Meanwhile Capt. Diller, Capt. Rose and both Hacklemans continue to have success fishing blackcod rounding off our local selection.

We would like to wish all the motherís out there a very special Motherís Day and realize that it is your love, guidance and sacrifice that make us all what we are.

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